IBIZA - A walk in the countryside

A walk in the countryside of Ibiza makes you enjoy impressive nature and history

A walk in the countryside

Every season has its charm in Ibiza and my favorite is spring.
The island is green, quiet and you will see lots of wild flowers, also one can combine nature with discovery of historic sites on ones walk.

As a guide, I like to help people discover the island, like a lovely walk from Sta. Gertrudis to St. Mateu and Sta. Agnes.

On a nice sunny day in April we setoff from Sta. Gertrudis, went along the country road, where you not only use your feet but also eyes to feast the many beautiful sights.
Passing through the farmland, you can still meet some off the old women guarding the sheep and goats.
We come by a wheat field with poppies where we just had to stop and take some photos.
Also everywhere along the way one sees Rosemary which has such a lovely smell. Chrysanthemum, Rock Roses (Cistus) and much more.
In one of the Fig trees a Hoop bird, which is rather tame and spectacular when spreading his wings.

Having arrived in St. Mateu we visited the Church which also gives the name to the village, and had some refreshment before continuing to Cala d’Albarca.

Cala d’Albarca, the bay which served through out history for debarkation of pirates, still exist a documents of one such occurrences.

In the neighborhood of Cala d’Albarca are the towers "de ’n lluc", the fortification surrounded by impressive cliffs. The isthmus that joins it to firm ground is the most accessible place, which easily explains the function of the defensive enclosure. That rises 280m above sea level.
The fortification is formed by two towers and one wall approximately 1.85m high.
It is believed to be from the Middle Ages.
We enjoyed investigating the area and imagining what it must have been like.

Now we walked in the direction of St. Agnes, passing through a Pine forest, where we came upon an ancient device which was used to obtain pitch tar, used in nautical construction.
Sometimes in the forest one also sees rests of the construction where lime was made.
Entering the valley of St. Agnes de Corona we passed one of the typical farm houses which are build of lime stone, with thick walls and small windows.
On the upper terrace hang tomatoes, pepper and garlic to dry.
In this valley grow lots of almond trees, which makes it a popular spot to visit when they are in flower.

By now, we are very close to the little village where we shall have lunch with friends which will take us back.

by IBIZA GUIDE: Karin Klappe

Member of the A.P.I.T.I.F 
- Association of OFFICIAL TOURIST GUIDES for Ibiza and Formentera



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